Buxton Osteopathy Clinic has established a strong reputation from years of quality service, effective treatments and client success stories. Here are some patient reviews from our valued clientele.

For patient reviews of our IDD Therapy programme, click here.

"Great Clinic."

I have been going to the clinic for disc problems in my neck and have found the treatment to be excellent. The IDD treatment has made a huge difference to my neck pain and I would highly recommend Buxton Osteopathy to anyone.

Gareth Jenkins, UK

"Each time I visit for my self-inflicted problems caused by bad posture, Phil sorts me out and now that he now knows how I react to certain triggers, he gets to the root of the problem immediately."

It’s all about taking time building up a relationship and trust with your osteopath and Phil puts you at your ease really quickly.

Recently I’ve visited Phil because I developed sciatica (a new one for me!) and despite me having let the situation linger before getting treatment, he sorted it out completely in just three sessions of treatment with rest days in between to allow for the all-important ongoing healing.

As with any similar therapy, it isn’t cheap but Phil’s charges are very reasonable especially as he puts a considerable amount of time and effort into his practice to ensure that patients have the best and newest understanding and treatments to speed their healing. I would highly recommend Phil (and indeed, have) and if you’re at all afraid that it’s all about popping joints, it isn’t; this chap has lots of strings to his bow!

Carole Rogers, UK

"Phil and his colleagues not only use the latest high-tech equipment to both treat ailments and measure progress but they are also experts in traditional treatment methods."

Since my whiplash injury I have an irrational fear of a facet in my neck being released, but Phil's approach puts me at ease as he treats my neck.

Bernard Clewer, UK

"My father was complaining incessantly about irritating back pain and eventually sought help from Phil Heler."

Needless to say he was seen immediately and treated quickly and painlessly! His back is now fine and he’s back to his usual self. We no longer have to listen to his moaning. 10/10 Phil.

Harry Robson, UK

"I've suffered with back pain for about 3 years and have visited the clinic several times."

Phil and his staff are excellent, extremely professional and very knowledgeable. I have recommended them to several friends and will not hesitate in visiting again in the future.

Brian Naylor, UK

"Very professional but friendly service, Phil and his staff put you at ease during treatments."

If you have back or joint problems and are fed up of taking pain-killers, this is the place to go!

Kathryn M, UK

"I have been visiting Buxton Osteopathy Clinic for the past three years and can highly recommend it."

The clinic is always friendly and professional, and Phil Heler does a remarkable job of relieving my sciatica symptoms and getting me mobile again.

D Coatesworth, UK

"Phil is an excellent osteopath. Highly recommended: one of the best. Very dedicated to his patients, I have used him for back problems over many years."

His prices are fair, he gives a range of treatments from massage and heat to IDD Therapy, a special machine that tweaks muscles in your back and neck by computer and lasts about 20 mins. I would recommend Phil and his staff: they are well trained and very friendly. If you want the best, visit Phil.

John Robertson, UK

"I've been treated by Phil numerous times for a range of back and neck issues. He has always made time to see me as soon as practicable, and the treatment has always been painless and effective."

Phil is an excellent practitioner, very sensitive to other tricky physical conditions I suffer from, and as a fellow sportsman totally sympathetic to the need to get patients back in action as soon as possible! Like other reviewers, I too have had him terminate a course of treatment earlier than expected due to a faster than expected recovery when I would have been happy to continue attending. I have recommended Phil to various family and friends, and will happily continue to do so.

Ieuan Roberts, UK

" I found the treatments to be extremely helpful and I am now fine. "

I visited Phil Heler 3 times with a very painful neck and I did feel quite bad. Phil explained exactly what the problem was and how many treatments he expected I would need and was right in all he said. I will return as and when necessary. It's well worth the money. The clinic itself is pleasant and welcoming and I would personally recommend it to anyone.

Lynne Birch, UK

"I visited Phil at Buxton Osteopathy Clinic yesterday after having severe pain in my right hand and wrist and could not grip even a cup of coffee!"

Phil applied the ultrasound machine onto the affected areas of the top of my wrist and forearm explaining the damage that I had done to the tendons/muscles was due to repetitive strained injury (I had done a whole days gardening on Friday and thought the pain would go). Phil was honest for the number of sessions that it should take to sort it fully and that this may differ to how I would respond to treatment, etc. This morning it is so much much better and nearly back to normal so I can resume my normal daily activities. I would certainly recommend Phil or Buxton Osteopathy Clinic to anyone.

Dianne Schofield, UK

"Excellent clinic!"

I have been going to the clinic for over 4 years now and the treatment is excellent. Would highly recommend them to anyone.

Mark Facer, UK

"I found Buxton Osteopathic Clinic to be friendly, spacious, light, clean, quiet and well equipped."

Clearly Phil Heler has invested in his practice and is able to offer the expertise and equipment to provide various treatment options. During my treatments Mr Heler was professional in his conduct in all aspects of my care.

Annie Patricia, UK

"Great local clinic."

Warmly recommended and they really went out of their way to help!! Many thanks!!! We were on holiday so I was grateful to say the least!! No pain!!!

Teresa Carstensen, UK

"I have known Phil since he started practice in Sheffield at Wainwright's Osteopathy Centre."

Phil has helped over minor crises on many occasions and due to a long-term back condition Phil has helped me to maintain mobility and be pain-free.

Chris Dawson, UK

"I first saw Phil when I got whiplash from my horse 7 years ago."

In a few weeks he had me fit for an expedition to Vietnam. I am a horse rider so often encounter the floor and Phil has always helped me back to full fitness. After having spinal fusion at 20, I often have to see Phil in my holidays from university as studying is not the best for a fused back and, no matter how tight my timings are, Phil has always been able to see me at short notice. The treatment has worked every time my back or neck decides to play up. I would one hundred percent recommend this clinic to anyone and Phil as a practitioner.

Victoria Grady, UK

"I've been using this clinic from time to time for about three years. Phil Heler is without doubt a conscientious and capable practitioner who takes the trouble to explain his diagnosis and proposed treatment very fully."

I've also been impressed by the fact that on a couple of occasions he has been honest enough to tell me that he's happy to curtail a course of treatment on the grounds that the desired improvement has been achieved earlier than expected. I have no hesitation, based on my own experience, in recommending Buxton Osteopathy Clinic.

Toby Deacon, UK

"I have suffered for a number of years with back and hip problems. I have seen specialists and physiotherapists with mixed results - none of them particularly great."

Phil at Buxton Osteopathy Clinic worked wonders in a very short space of time. Phil also provided a handful of exercises to help strengthen my core and back, which are simple and can easily be integrated into my daily routine. I would recommend Phil and the team at Buxton Osteopathy Clinic to anyone!

Tim Hutchinson, UK

"Had a neck strain whilst camping near Buxton. Got too enthusiastic with the swing ball!"

After not being able to get a quick appointment in other local clinics I called Buxton Osteopathy Clinic and Phil managed to sort out the pain with his magic hands and get me back to normal to enjoy the rest of my holiday with the family. Lovely place and the clinic was extremely professional and clean. Thank you for fitting me in last minute, worth every penny! Highly recommended to locals and travellers alike :)

Sean Mason, UK