IDD Therapy

Chronic back, neck or nerve pain? Our IDD Therapy Clinic is the starting point to getting you moving again.

  • IDD Therapy for Disc Issues

    IDD Therapy for Disc Issues

    IDD Therapy is the latest, most effective non-invasive treatment for spinal disc problems, disc degeneration and associated pain from trapped nerves.

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  • IDD Therapy Success Stories

    IDD Therapy Success Stories

    Buxton Osteopathy Clinic is the only treatment centre in Derbyshire to offer IDD Therapy. Here are some of our recent success stories.

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  • What is IDD Therapy?

    What is IDD Therapy?

    IDD stands for Intervertebral Differential Dynamics Therapy. We offer specialist IDD Therapy to patients across the Midlands and Greater Manchester.

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  • What IDD Therapy Treats

    What IDD Therapy Treats

    Learn more about how IDD Therapy disc treatment relieves pressure from painful discs and other spinal conditions.

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  • IDD Therapy Reviews

    IDD Therapy Reviews

    Read IDD Therapy reviews and watch video testimonials from past IDD Therapy clients here at Buxton Osteopathy Clinic.

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