IDD Therapy Reviews

Read IDD Therapy reviews and watch video testimonials from past IDD Therapy clients here at Buxton Osteopathy Clinic.

IDD Therapy for Bulging Disc – Dorian

Dorian works as a busy farrier and when he came to us he was almost unable to work. Dorian had long-term sciatic issues which had become progressively debilitating. Even standing was difficult.

On MRI Dorian had a large disc bulge at L4/L5. He had 18 treatments with us and now experiences no sciatic pain and he can now shoe four horses!! It is also worth pointing out that he did have spinal injections during treatment which help mask pain.

IDD Therapy for Bulging Discs – Mathew

Mathew is only 41 years old and works as an engineer and was concerned as he felt his lower back pain threatened his ability to work (especially at 41).

Mathew had had lower back pain for two years and had tried other therapies. We sent him for MRI (this took two weeks) and it was evident he had two disc bulges at the bottom two discs. He was pain-free after 11 IDD Therapy treatments, and has continued with maintenance treatments.

IDD Therapy for Slipped Disc and Sciatica – Dave

When Dave came to us he could not walk more than 2-3 metres without severe pain. As a train driver, one of the prerequisites of his job was to walk long distances in case his train broke down.

On completion of his IDD treatment, Dave could walk without pain and for long distances.

IDD Therapy for Herniated Disc and Sciatic Pain – Dylan

Dylan had seen an osteopath for 7-8 treatments with no luck. He had severe sciatic pain that made his life very difficult.

On MRI it was evident that he had a very large disc herniation at the base of his spine. After completing his IDD protocol he is feeling a great deal better.

IDD Therapy for Sciatica – Craig

Craig is 29 years old and he had been in pain with lower back for nine years.

As a train driver this meant long periods of sitting, which was making his job very difficult. For the first time in nine years, having completed IDD treatment, Craig is now pain-free!

IDD Therapy for Degenerated Disc – Marilyn

Marilyn had had chronic lower back pain for several years and this meant she could no longer pursue her passion of walking in the Peak District.

We sent her for MRI and identified severe degeneration in her mid-lower back. Marilyn has completed the IDD protocol and her condition has vastly improved and she is able to walk again. Due to her level of wear and tear from all the walking she is now able to do, she does still require an MOT now and again!

IDD Therapy for Bulging Disc – Hannah

Hannah was in constant pain and even struggled to walk. She elected to have IDD Therapy as a non-invasive alternative to surgery.

Hannah’s MRI revealed she had a disc bulge at the base of her spine. She has had 14 IDD treatments and is now in much less pain and is able to start running again. And, according to her family, she’s in much better humour too!

IDD Therapy for Chronic Lower Back Pain – Rob

Rob had had lower back pain for 20 years, to the point where he would frequently collapse in the street. Pain-killers did not appear to help.

He is now more or less pain-free after completing our IDD treatment programme.

IDD Therapy for Lower Back Pain and Sciatica – Andy

Andy had had severe lower back pain and sciatica for 2 years and was already taking the maximum amounts of painkiller. He was worried about his ability to continue working as a postman: even getting out of bed in the morning was an effort.

After 11 IDD treatments, Andy is now virtually pain-free and here he tells his story in an emotional interview!

IDD Therapy for Slipped Disc – Sue

Sue had had lower back pain for 18 months and had needed several sets of spinal injections.

An MRI confirmed Sue had a disc bulge. After 11 sessions of IDD Therapy, she is now finally pain-free.

IDD Therapy for Herniated Disc – Paul

Paul had long-term sciatic issues and was dependent on pain-killers and unable to play golf.

Following his completion of the IDD treatment programme, Paul has been able to resume all his activities pain-free and no longer takes tablets for pain.

IDD Therapy for Sciatica – Barbara

Barbara had had long-term lower back pain and sciatica that had recently taken a turn for the worse. She was limited in what she could do and could only walk for roughly 5 minutes before pain stopped her in her tracks.

Barbara completed her IDD treatment programme and is now almost pain-free for the first time in years.

IDD Therapy for Sciatica and Lower Back Pain – Stuart

Stuart had spent £13,500 on private healthcare for his sciatic pain, including surgery, scans, spinal injections and consultations… all to no avail.

Having completed 10 sessions of our non-invasive IDD treatment programme, he is now pain-free.


IDD Therapy for Degenerated Disc – Cath

Cath was keen to avoid surgery and spinal injections for her degenerative disc condition, so she decided to have IDD Therapy instead as it is non-invasive.

Cath had had an onset of lower back pain in 2017, and as it progressed it limited her ability to both walk and sit. On MRI it became obvious that she had a disc bulge on her bottom disc at L5/S1. Cath can now do her gardening pain-free and she can walk wherever she wants to. She feels she has her life back!

IDD Therapy for Degenerative Discs – Geoff

Geoff had had lower back pain for over five years and had suffered from loss of sensation and weakness in his left foot. He also found that when he stood for prolonged periods of time, pain would escalate in his foot and calf muscle to the point where he would have to sit down.

Geoff had spinal injections in 2017 which gave him temporary relief. We sent him for MRI and discovered that he had degenerative disc issues. After completing the IDD Therapy protocol, he now has full strength in his foot and his pain is markedly reduced.

IDD Therapy for Chronic Lower Back Pain – Hazel

Hazel’s lower back pain had manifested over 25 years, gradually increasing in pain and intensity to the point where her activity levels were significantly affected.

We sent Hazel for MRI and it became evident she had worn joints and discs at four vertebral levels at the base of her spine. Hazel had 16 IDD treatments and she is now virtually pain-free. (It is worth pointing out that for degenerative disc issues and joint arthropathy, surgery is usually not a viable option.)

IDD Therapy for Prolapsed Disc – Phil

Phil is a farmer and had been stacking pallets when he first felt pain in his lower back. Over the next two days it became obvious he had a severe disc prolapse and he spent a week in bed unable to move. In his second week he was only able to weight-bear for short periods with the use of a walking stick.

At this point Phil started IDD Therapy. He had 13 treatments over 3 weeks and his condition is now fully resolved.

IDD Therapy for Degenerative Disc – Norma

Norma had a history of chronic lower back pain over 20 years, and this had deteriorated with pain and numbness down both legs into her feet.

On MRI Norma had a large disc pushing on her spinal chord and the nerves at the base of her spine. She had the full IDD Therapy protocol of 20 treatments and had no pain in her right leg and now has only occasional pain in her left leg.

We sent Norma for another MRI after her IDD treatment and the disc had successfully retracted, making only marginal contact with her nerve on the left side at the base of her back, with no pressure on the spinal chord.

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